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The Seattle Public Library is located at 1000 Fourth Ave. It is the third library built on this site. The Seattle Public Library total area is 362,987 square feet without the undrgroung parking area (49,000 square feet). It was designed on the contract from Hoffman Construction Co. of Washington by the architect Rem Koolhaas from Netherland. Total cost of the Seattle Public Library was 169,200,000 dollars and on its construction 2,050 tons of concrete and 4,644 tons of steel were used. The Seattle Public Library was designed not just as an icon, but also as a functional building providing both education and relaxation. The Seattle Public Library diminishes on one corner nearly to a point. The main lounge can be described as a living room on ground, as the huge free space was designed to relaxation, reading and surfing on internet. The opening date was May 23rd, 2004. More than 25,000 persons visited the Seattle Public Library on that day. The Seattle Public Library draws the attention of more than 8,000 people every day, which are served by 180 public staff members, and there will be the total of 328 employees. The book capacity of the Seattle Public Library is more than 1,450,000 books and materials (in the old building fitted only 900,000). There are currently only 1 million items stored. In the Seattle Public Library there are about 9,900 shelves which would stretch into 30 miles when standing one to another. More than 400 public computers are stationed there (in the old building were only 75) equipped with an advanced book check and sorting system. Some members of the library staff will wear lightweight, wireless communication devices for better coordination of services. A wireless internet access is also included in the Seattle Public Library. The Seattle Public Library consists of an interesting mix of utilitarian and whimsical look. You can find amazing helpful finding aids, like call numbers prominently displayed on the floor next to each row of shelves. The Seattle Public Library is also a great social place, as people can find plenty room to rest and stop their tour for a while there. The views from the Seattle Public Library are also great experiences.
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