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The Seattle Art Museum, usually called "SAM", is one of the most visited and famous Seattle landmarks. It is an art museum situated in downtown at University and First Avenue.

The Seattle Art Museum was opened on June, 1933 in an Art Deco building in Volunteer Park. Richard E. Fuller, president of the Art Institute of Seattle, and his mother Margaret MacTavish Fuller gave this beautiful art museum to the city Seattle. In December 1991 the main collection had to be moved to another location (today's contemporary location). During this year the old building was given a new name Seattle Asian Art Museum.

The Seattle Art Museum is visible from far away. You can be amazed by a tremendous sculpture depicting Hammering Man directly in front of the building. This sculpture also stands in other cities the world over. The Seattle Art Museum is the best place to visit, if you want to see a traditional exhibition. The Seattle Art Museum offers a huge collection of more than 21,000 objects from Old Master paintings to African Masks, wide range of ancient Egyptian reliefs to contemporary Northwest Art. The modern art is based on American and European paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints, photographs and installation work. The Seattle Art Museum offers a free admission on the first Thursday of each month.

Some people call it the Microsoft of art. No doubt. The Seattle Art Museum attracts its visitors of all ages by its stirring and sensational artistic experience. The calm atmosphere allows feel the touch of ancestors.

The Seattle Art Museum is closed this time because of a huge expansion project. But this is only a matter for a few months. The Seattle Art Museum is going to be reopened with a facility in 2007 that will include practically an entire city block. It is going to be considered a big moment in the Seattle Art scene.
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