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Grace Cathedral is one of San Francisco's treasures. Grace Cathedral, the church of Episcopal Diocese, is situated on Nob Hill in San Francisco, California. The construction of Grace Cathedral began in the gold rush year of 1849. At first Grace Chapel was built. The construction took several years and was finished in 1906. Grace Cathedral was destroyed by a very strong earthquake. There was one family, which saved the hangovers of the building. The baron/banker Crocker family donated the ruins of its Nob Hill property for a new Diocesan Cathedral. Today's structure was finally completed in 1964.

Grace Cathedral was designed in the French Gothic Style. Walking through Grace Cathedral is considered to be very exciting. There are frescoes revealing the history of San Francisco and scenes from the life of St. Francis of Assisi. Stained glass windows fill the interior with a peaceful atmosphere. The largest window is made of 3,765 pieces of thick faceted glass and was designed and realized by Gabriel Loire of Chartres, France. The amazing East Rose Window represents the story "Canticle of the Sun" written by St. Francis of Assisi. In the fact, it is the song sung praises to God, which celebrates the beauty, relations, nature and life. At the entrance there are famous Ghiberti doors known under the name "The Gates of Paradise". They depict the story of the Old Testament. Inside and outside the cathedral there are featured two labyrinths set in stone. People are required to take off their shoes before walking the indoor labyrinth.

Grace Cathedral has also served as the setting for several movies and has also been described in a few novels.

Grace Cathedral has become an international place for pilgrims and tourists all over the world, whether they are Christians or not.
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