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Golden Gate bridge on the Map

GPS N37.818056°,W122.478333°
Even today some people call it the most amazing bridge of the world. The Golden Gate Bridge isn’t named by golden color (it is colored in international orange), but by the nickname Golden Gate, which was given to San Francisco Bay by prospectors who traveled to gold fields in California 150 years ago.

Seventy years ago it seemed nearly impossible to construct such a structure. The Golden Gate Bridge is almost 9000 feet long and the longest single span has 4200 feet. The sum of all wires holding the bridge would be enough to circle the Earth tree times. The two towers on the Golden Gate Bridge are 746 feet high. One of the greatest problems by the Golden Gate Bridge was its location. It had to withstand massive winds, tide, and fog that rule in these waters. The bridge is also located only 8 miles away from the epicenter which caused one of the most devastating earthquakes in the history of mankind.

The bridge engineer was Joseph Strauss. He used approximately one million pound of concrete for the anchorages (massive blocks that grip the cables which support the bridge). Strauss had to build one entire pier in the waters, and the second pier could have been built on a rock on the north side. The Golden Gate Bridge was completed in 1937. The entire cost was 27 million dollars, what was 1.3 millions dollars under the budget. Strauss earned $1 million for this budget saving and gained a lifelong pass at the Golden Gate Bridge. He also stretched the promised date only by 6 months.

At the times when the Golden Gate Bridge was opened, it was the longest bridge in the world and the highest building west of New York. Since then the bridge was only once completely repainted, but the paint is regularly repaired on some places. The Golden Gate Bridge has such a good construction, that it was closed only tree times and all of ground of weather circumstances. The ultimately record in traffic on the bridge was on October 27, 1989, when 162,414 vehicles crossed the bridge; and the lowest traffic was on January 6, 1982, as on that day only 3,921 vehicles (what is only a tenth of the average) “visited” the Golden Gate Bridge on ground of a weather storm. More than 1,800,000,000 cars have crossed the Golden Gate Bridge in its lifetime.
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