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GPS N37.826664°,W122.423012°
Alcatraz Island is located in the middle of San Francisco Bay. The first Europeans who saw this island were Spaniards. They have named the Island as “Isla de los Alcatraces” what means Island of the Pelicans. After transferring the territory to the Americans Alcatraz Island became a military base of strategic importance in defending and guarding the entrance to the bay. The building of the first fortifications began in 1853. First garrisoned troops on Alcatraz Island came in 1859. The Island obtained the prison function during the Civil War. Firstly there were only politician prisoners, but soon came also military prisoners, recalcitrant Indians and conscientious objectors from World War I. Alcatraz Island had also been privately owned after the War Department had bought it in ground for its important strategic location. The island was used as a fort, but in 1906 there were the San Francisco jail inmates transferred here for safekeeping because of an earthquake. Alcatraz Island was used as an Army prison from 1917 to 1933 and afterwards was passed to the Department of Justice. The Federal Bureau of Prisons operating under the Department of Justice, took the facility over and run it as a high security prison for incorrigible prisoners until 1964. Then was the prison closed because of bad condition of the facility and horrible conditions for the prisoners.

The whole Alcatraz Island is now a tourist attraction. The island is also known by the name “The Rock” and under this name there was also produced a Hollywood film taking place on Alcatraz Island. The museum in the prison stores many objects made by prisoners, escape materials, inmate artwork, historic photographs and artwork. It also includes material from the age when Alcatraz was a federal penitentiary, a military prison, and from the age of Indian occupation (1969-1971). The Indian occupation begun November 9, 1969; when a group of Indian students and urban Indians under the leadership of Richard Oakes came by boat, the Monte Christo, on Alcatraz Island. Some Indians joined the group later after Richard Oakes did some recruiting meetings on the neighbors Universities. On June 10, 1971 the occupation ended after the police swarmed the Island. Alcatraz Island is now one of the most popular attractions of San Francisco under the aegis of the National Park Service.
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