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Union Station is a train station situated near the west coast of the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon, Old Town. The construction started in 1890, it took more time than expected, because of financial problems and flooding. Union Station was constructed by Northern Pacific Railway at a cost of $300,000. Opening ceremonies took place on February 14, 1896. The ownership and surrounding land of Union Station changed in the 1980s and was handled by Portland Development Commission hereafter. Shortly after ownership rights transfer, Union Station went through a renovation. It was rededicated in 1996.

Union Station provides only Amtrak trains now, but unfortunately the number of Amtrak trains is decreased every year. Union Station obtained 92 arrivals during the day in its bloom. Beside Amtraks, Union Station building consists of offices located mainly on the upper floors. There is also Wilf's Restaurant and Piano Bar.

The building is considered to be one of the most important historical buildings in Oregon. The US Department of the Interior has put Union Station on the list, National Register of Historic Places. Union Station is made of bricks, stucco and sandstone. What everybody notices at the first sight, is the 150 ft. tall clock tower. A neon sign "Go by train" was attached after the Second World War.

In 2004, the roadway in front of Union Station was completely overhauled, providing a new connection to the northwest and a forecourt. The area around the station has recently bloomed after a long time of seedy activity. The lucrative, trendy and nowadays pretty demanded Pearl District is in the neighborhood of Union Station, where many new condos and apartments are built.
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