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Former Verizon Building is located in Midtown Manhattan on the 6th Avenue bordering 41st and 42nd Streets. It is 192 metres (630 feet) tall with 40 floors. It was originally built as the New York Telephone Building – it was the World Headquarters of Verizon Communications.

The architects of the Verizon Building became Kahn & Jacobs in cooperation with other firms (Equity Office Properties Trust, New York Telephone Co., Moed de Armas & Shannon, Verizon Communications Inc..). The construction was ended in 1974. The façade of the building is made of stripes of different bands of white marble and it changes, being mostly white at the bottom to black with the white striping in the top-half. This core is joined from three sides by a slightly lower glass and marble-walled portion.

In 2006 renovation of the building started. It will result in a new-glass curtain wall. In March 2007 it was announced that the building will officially change its name into 1095 Avenue of the Americas upon the completion of its renovation.
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