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Times Square at night ( 640x480 )
Times Square is quite famous part of Manhattan in New York City and it has become its symbol. It is not a regular square but a principal intersection where Broadway and the Seventh Avenue meet. It consists of blocks between Seventh and Ninth Avenues from east to west and streets from 39th West to 52nd West from south to north.

The history of Time Square began in 1900 when the New York Time publisher Adolph S. Ochs moved the paper's operations to a new tower (now One Times Square) on 42nd Street. He persuaded the major of the city to built there subway station and name it Time Square. Later on became this building (although not being the house of New York Times anymore) the site of the annual New Year’s Eve ball drop. Since 31 December 1907 this place has been the side of New Year’s celebrations, with approximately 750,000 people being here every year.

At the 1910s and 1920s the Time Square became kind a cultural hub full of theaters, music halls, and upscale hotels. Names such as Irving Berlin, Fred Astaire, and Charlie Chaplin were closely associated with it. Its fame changed during the Great Depression when it became the place of "peep shows", erotic all-night movie houses, and stores selling cheap tourist merchandise. It was considered to be a dangerous neighbourhood, especially between 1960s and 1990s, when it became the symbol of New York City’s danger and corruption. Time Square’s reputation changed in mid 1990s when Mayor Rudolph Giuliani led an effort to "clean up" the area. The sex shops were closed or removed, the security increased and more tourist’s friendly attractions were opened.

Time Square is today the place of Broadway theatres and numbers of animated neon lights. It is a symbol of the intensely urban aspects of Manhattan. Attractions such as ABC's Times Square Studios, elaborate Toys "R" Us, Virgin Records, and Hershey's stores unthinkable belong to Time Square. There are also many multiplex movie theaters, large financial, publishing, and media companies.
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