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The Central Park Tennis Center is located between West 94th Street and West 96th Street, near the West Drive. There are 30 tennis courts in the Central Park. 26 of them are clay and 4 are asphalt. They are reputed among the best in New York. In 1997 The Tennis Center won the Facility of the year award from the US Professional Tennis Registry.
Tennis season in the Central Park begins in early April and ends in late November. Tennis courts are opened daily from 6.30 am until dusk. Asphalt courts remain opened also in winter. The Tennis Center offers private lessons and sponsors clinics and tournaments.
One can buy a season or a single-play permit. Both are available at the Arsenal located inside the Park at Fifth Avenue and 64th Street. Single-play permits are available also at the Tennis Center.

Tennis in Central Park started to be played in 1884. The first “court” was a meadow at the location of the current courts. The meadow was paved in 1911 in 1930 the tennis house was built. Now it offers drinks and snacks as well as shop that sells athletic gear. There is also a sitting area outside of the tennis house offering a great place to spend some time as a spectator watching the game.
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