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Sheep Meadow is one of the most favourite green fields in Central Park, New York. It is 15 acre large area opened from mid April to mid October. It is a perfect place to watch New York City’s skyline. For a long time it has been place where people, especially young people, gathered. It is a perfect place for sunbathing, picnics or social sports like Frisbee tossing or kite flying. The number of people spending their time on Sheep Meadow during the regular hot day is 30,000.

Originally it was supposed to be the part of the park used for military drills and parades (as it was the condition to enter the design competition). But the winning designers Olmsted and Vaux won over the Park Commissioners and the original plan was never fulfilled. Instead, the place was transformed into grazing-land for 200 sheep.

The sheep and a shepherd were originally housed in a Victorian building — part of what is now the restaurant Tavern on the Green. The sheep were transferred to Prospect Park in Brooklyn and the sheepfold became a restaurant in 1934.

During 60s and 70s Sheep Meadow became favourite place for gathering people. For example the first landing on the Moon was televised here and besides that there were many concerts taking place. It was a typical place for Vietnam protests, gays or hippie gatherings. All this destroyed the lawn and Sheep Meadow was the first part of the Central Park that had to be restored. It was reopened in 1981. Sheep Meadow was closed one more time, in November 2000 when the new irrigation system was being installed. It was reopened again in April 2001.

Sheel Meadow is “bordered” by oak, elm, maple and plane trees what gives it a feeling of seclusion. The northern edge of Sheep Meadow is particularly remarkable. Just outside its fence, there is a Lilac Walk with 23 varieties of lilacs from around the world.
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