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One New York Plaza is an office building located at the intersection of South and Whitehall Streets. Its exact address is 125 Broad Street, New York. It is the southernmost of all Manhattan skyscrapers.

It was built in 1969 – 70. The design was made by William Lescaze & Assocs. and Kahn & Jacobs. The building has 50 floors and it is 192 metres (631 feet) tall. On the South Street side there is a lower projecting wing. The base of the building is 10 312.2374 square meters (111,000 square feet). The office area inside the building is 213,750 square metres (2 300 785.85 sq feet).

One New York Plaza is famous for its “waffle-iron” or “beehive pattern” façade with the windows recessed within. It was designed by Nevio Maggiora. The building is made of aluminium-clad wall elements. A portion of the mid-facade on the wing roof level is of dark steel plating, apparently to accommodate HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) equipment. At the top of the building there is a cornice-like protrusion that houses an exclusive dining club.

"New York Plaza" is one of four buildings, along with Two and Four New York Plaza and 55 Water Street, constructed on the site of the failed 1959 plan for the Battery Park Urban Renewal Area plan, conceived as modern housing.

Shortly after the construction of One New York Plaza was finished the building suffered a fire. It spread from floor to floor by ducting routings. Two people died and 35 were injured then. The last renovation of the building was in 1995 and it consisted of repainting the façade from its original black.

One New York Plaza is easily accessible from 13 local subway lines, ferries, and heliport. To the buildings amenities belong restaurants, shopping, dry cleaning, shoe repair, and ATM; high-speed internet access and alternative telecom services and of course 24-hour security.
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