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GPS N40.723323°,W74.069824°
Jersey City lies in the state of New Jersey, in Hudson County. It is the part of New York metropolitan area, being situated on the west bank of Hudson River, across from New York City.

The city covers the area of 54.7 square kilometers, most of it is land (38.6 square kilometre). As far as neighbouring cities are concerned, it is Union City and Hoboken on the north, Kearny and Newark on the west, and to the south it is neighboured by Bayonne. Its east border is being created by Hudson River.

The population of the city is around 240,000 inhabitants with the population density over 6190 inhabitants per square kilometre. Jersey City is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in the country, with an almost equal mix of non-Hispanic whites, non-Hispanic blacks, Asians, and Latinos. From the nationalities living here, there is a large Arab and Muslim population and high number of Jews, Italians, Cubans, Filipinos, Indians, and Irish too.

Looking into history, what is now Jersey City was originally wilderness inhabited by the Lenni Lenape Native Americans. It started to be inhabited in 1630s. However, Jersey City was incorporated as The City of Jersey on January 20, 1820, and reincorporated under its present name (Jersey City) in 1838. For the most of 19th and 20th century Jersey City has been a dock and manufacturing town. It has also always been a landing pad for immigrants. The largest employers at the time were the railroads.

Jersey City is still being a port and a manufacturing center. There are 11 miles (17.7 kilometres) of waterfront and significant rail connection, what makes Jersey City an important transportation terminus and distribution center. There are railroad shops, oil refineries, warehouses, and plants that manufacture a diverse assortment of products, such as chemicals, petroleum, electronics, textiles, and cosmetics. Its position close to Manhattan is also benefiting because many of Manhattan’s companies have extensions of businesses headquartered here.

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