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GPS N37.341025°,E28.1359°
Yatağan is a small Turkish town in the Aegean region in the province of Muğla. In the past it lay in the centre of ancient Caria and later (13th – 14th centuries) it was the heart of the territory of the Anatolian Turkish Beylik of Menteşe. Therefore it is the locality rich for some places of historic interest, as well as natural beauty (it lies in the pine forest region by the Mediterranean sea).

To the historic places belongs the ancient site of Stratonikeia, in the present-day village of Eskihisar or the sanctuary Lagina, near the present-day township of Turgut. Famous is also old restored coffee house, Belen Kahvesi, that is mentioned in a nationally renowned song "Ormancı". The theme of the song is a tragic event that happened here in 1946. It is situated in the village of Çaybükü that was previously known as Gevenes.

The town of Yatagan has attracted the attention of the whole world because of the ecological pollution since 1990s. The reason is one of the Turkish largest Thermal Power Plants built in 1976.

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