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GPS N49.351967°,E19.421082°
Orava is a beautiful region in north-west of Slovakia. It lies on the area of 1661 square kilometers. Its boundaries from north are made by mountain range Oravske Beskydy and by official frontier between Slovakia and Poland. Mountain range Rohace (part of Western Tatras) makes its boundaries in east, Mala and Valka Fatra in west and finally Chocske vrchy in south.

There are four main towns in Orava region: Dolny Kubin, Namestovo, Trstena and Tvrdosin. The total number of inhabited places is 77, but some “villages” are so small, that one can count number of its inhabitants on one hand.

And why is this region so special? What can it offer? Most off all, it is fresh air that cannot be found in big cities. The nature here is really beautiful and one can find also many historical treasures and monuments.

As far as sports are concerned, there are never-ending possibilities in the Orava region. Starting with hiking, cycling, agro tourism, horseback riding and climbing; through water sports such as yachting, windsurfing, different kind of boat trips and floating, fishing or just swimming (on Orava river or Orava dam); to hunting and in the winter all kinds of winter sports (skiing, crosscountry skiing) because there is usually a lot of snow during this time of the year. Recently quite famous became also spelunking and parachuting.

To the historical monuments belongs Orava castle (Oravsky hrad) which is the oldest Orava’s monument (its core dates beck to 13th century). Nowadays it is museum with archeological and folklore expositions.

Other famous places visited by tourists are for example the Museum of Orava Village in Zuberec (with wooden houses from 15th century), Slanica’s island of art (from original village that was flooded just church has remained, as an island in the middle in Orava dam; there is an exposition of folk art there); Hviezdoslav’s gamekeeper’s house in Slana voda (place where one of the biggest Slovak poets wrote some of his best works); thermal resorts Oravice and Besenova or Demanovska jaskyna Slobody (Demenovska cave of Freedom).

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