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The city of Nitra is sometimes called also “Mother of Slovak towns”. It lies in the western part of Slovakia and it belongs to Slovak bigger cities. The population that lives here is more than 87 000.

It has developed as the centre of culture, arts and business since 1248 when it received so called town rights. But Nirta was famous even before that time as the capital of a state formation Veľká Morava. From the oldest period of its existence, there exist many archeological localities for example Nitra – castle, Mačací Hrádok, hill-fort Lupka, hill-fort Šindolka, hill-fort Zobor or Martinsky vrch. In the centre of the city there are many historical objects, mainly buildings preserved. Nowadays there are 57 cultural monuments on the area of Nitra. In 1981 Horné mesto (part of Nitra) was pronounced to be the Historical town reserve. To this part belongs also built-up area under Zobor. Dolné mesto (pedestrian zone, centre of the city around Štefánikova street and the part under the Calgary) was pronounced to be the „zone of historical monuments“. Despite many wars and enemy invasions many valuable objects have remained, for example Nitra castle and its extramural settlements and buildings around the pedestrián zone. Peripheral parts are also rich for architectual monuments. Probably the most famous is the little church of Saint Archangel Gabriel in Dražovce. Besides buildings, there are also many sculptures and monuments which are in their final phase of reconstruction.

On the other hand, Nitra is also modern city, one can find many shops on beautifully reconstructed pedestrian zone leading to the square with fountain and Theatre of Andrej Bagar. Each September there is the Interantional Festival Divadelna Nitra taking place in the theatre.

NItra is famous also with its agricultural exhibition called Agrokomplex, that usually takes place in August. There are many companies (mostly more than 500) presenting themselves on the area of 35 625 square metres.

There are two universities in Nitra: Slovak University of Agriculture and University of Constantine the Philosopher.
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