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State Theatre Košice ( 640x480 )
The history of stage-craft in Kosice has had tradition longer than 600 years. At first there were temporary stages in wooden shanties, later school’s theatres and finally permanent theatre buildings. The present building of State Theatre was built more than 100 years ago and it took just two years to build it. It is prominent cultural monument as well as important dominant of the historical city centre. The initiative to build the building came from culture-loving inhabitants of the city. It was also the reason of its central position and the vote of good architect. Adolf Lang became the one who was entrusted with the construction. He is said to be one of the most talented European architects of 19th century. He built some buildings in Budapest and also taught at universities in Vienna, Romania and Holland. This building is considered to be his masterpiece. It is built in the style of eclecticism with elements of Neo-baroque style and secession. The building is admired as the architectural treasure by experts in whole Europe. The reconstruction of the building was needed in the 90s and after that the theatre was included between the most beautiful theatre buildings in Europe.

While the exterior of the theatre is the proud of the city, the interior give to the audience the feeling of warmth and shine of luxury. The magnificent three-side stairs accentuate symbolical entrance to the important building. The architecture of the building with its sculptural figures on the façade marks palace-like architecture of secular building. Balustrades, balconies and arcades are decorated with rich floral décor. The colour of the building is pastel. Statues are situated on the front side of the building and they were inspired by mythology and theatre-craft – there are angels, sculptural group of geniuses of arts and on the top of the dome there is the monumental figure of Aurora musis amica – a friend of Muse that serves as the symbol of the favour and safeguard of all the art.

The interior was designed in a fairy tale atmosphere. The hall of auditorium is 16 metres tall, with optimal distribution of balconies and lodges. The ceiling of the hall is leaning towards the stage. The beauty is underlined with paintings and statues of theatrical Muses, antique Gods or historical and theatrical scenes. The harmony of pastel and bright colours is completed with velvet covers and carpets.
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