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GPS N49.183499°,E19.945679°
High Tatra mountains or High Tatras or High Tatra (Vysoké Tatry) is a part of the Eastern Tatra mountains, in nothern part of Slovakia on the border with Poland. It is the highest and the most northern part of huge 1200 kilometres long Carpathian Mountain range. It is divided into Western and Eastern Tatras. The most favourite with tourists is Eastern one, consisting of two different geomorphologic parts, granite High Tatras with many tourist paths and Belianske Tatras with not as easy access.

High Tatras were created in Cenozoic era by the rise of granite massif above the level of the terrain and they gained their preset appearance in Post-tertiary. Characteristic features of Tatras were made by this orogenic activity – high rocky peaks, deep glacier valleys, moraines and mountain ponds. In 1949 the Tatra(s) National Park (TANAP) was founded and in 1993 both Slovak and Polish part were pronounced to be the “Biospheric reservation of Tatras” by UNESCO organization.

The most seductive attraction is a trip to Lomnicky peak by overhead cablecar, because it is unable to get there by hiking (just with mountain guide). It is the second highest peak of High Tatras with the height of 2634 metres above the sea level. (The highest peak is Gerlachovsky peak – 2655 metres above sea level). The stay at the top of Lomnicky peak is limited by one turn of cablecar, approximately 20 minutes. If the weather is good, one can be delighted at the beautiful and never-to-be-forgotten view of other Tatras’ peaks and valleys.

The experience of the opposite kind is the world of Tatras’ caves. The most famous one is Belianska cave – carst cave, with rich stalagmite decoration and huge spaces in grey-blue limestone.

In the bottom of Tatras’ valleys one can find numerous mountain ponds (plesa), which are sometimes also called sea eyes. All of them are of glacial origin. The largest and deepest one is Hincovo pleso. Other quite famous ones are Strpske, Skalnate or Zelene pleso. Tatras are famous also for its mountain streams and waterfalls. The highest one is Kmetov waterfall (80 meteres long), but is it not tourist accessible. The most famous with tourists are waterfalls of Studeny potok (Cold Stream) or Waterfall Skok (Jump).

High Tatras is also a town, consisting of 15 municipal parts situated in between forests. The most famous are Strbske Pleso, Stary Smokovec and Tatranska Lomnica. Besides many hotels and pensions there are also some famous spas.

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