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GPS N48.156592°,E17.071837°
The building of the Slovak Television is located in Mlynska Dolina and it is one of the highest buildings in Slovakia, with the height of 108 metres. It has 28 floors. It is the administrative centre.

In 1961 Jozef Struhař won the architectural competition and he became an architect of the entire complex. According to the original plan from 1966, the complex of new television centre in Bratislava should have had 181 900 square metres, 65 000 of which should have belonged to the five buildings, the rest to roads and utility places. The construction began on 5 April 1965. The first part was finished in 1970, the high building in1975 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising.

The architecture of the building is considered to be a typical representation of socialist architecture and some architects has pointed out its similarity with the skyscraper Euro 2000 in La Défense district in Paris. The building has the steel construction and concrete-steel core.
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