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GPS N48.153835°,E17.113971°
The building of Slovak Radio has the shape of upside down pyramid. It was built in the years 1969 – 1984 according to the plans of three architects: Ďurkovič, Kisling and Svetko. Core of the building is a pylon of reinforced concrete and the pyramid shape is created by a steel structure around the core. Structural height of the building is 61 metres. It is located close to the Main Railway Station, right opposite the newly built building of the Slovak National Bank, on the address: Mýtna ulica č. 1, P. O. Box 55, 817 55 Bratislava. Nowadays, there are six different radios broadcasting from the building (Rádio Slovensko, Rádio Devín, Rádio FM, Rádio Regina, Rádio Patria and Radio Slovakia International).
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