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Building of Slovak Parliament ( 640x480 )
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Building of Slovak Parliament on the Map

GPS N48.141814°,E17.097183°
This picture shows the building of the Slovak parliament. The building of Slovak parliament is a new building that was reconstructed in the beginning of the ninetieth years of the 20th century. It is located near the castle of Bratislava on a hill, which is mostly covered with villas. The parliament is a quite big building, but it seems to be not so great, because only a half of the building is above the ground. Parliament is for sure not the most beautiful building in Slovakia, but it belongs to the most important. This building is also very carefully protected with cameras and security personnel. It also has a graffiti protection painting. Slovak parliament building is also a residency of the National Council of the Slovak Republic – NRSR.

The building was constructed on the concept of Milan Michal Harminc written in 1938. This building also has a major function in the operation of the Slovak Republic. In front of the building is a big metal statue. It was constructed by a Slovak academic statue maker professor Jan Kulich.

The parliament itself is an important institution in Slovakia because the Slovak ruling system is based on parliament democracy, which means that the president has only a representative function. This building serves as residency of parliament since 1994. The whole parliament has 150 members and is unicameral. The elections take place every 4 years.

The interior of the parliament building is mainly composed of a conference hall that is essential for council voting. On the Slovak television sometimes runs a live broadcast from important meetings. The others components of the interior aren’t so important, but there are some office rooms designed for administration and important work for the parliament. It also has a big garage area. The building of Slovak parliament has a great importance for every Slovak, not because of its architecture or history, but because of its importance as a part of the whole government structure.
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