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Trieste is a city in northeastern Italy, in the region Friuli-Venezia Giulia. This seaport is located at the head of the Gulf of Trieste and this position at the crossroads of Germanic, Latin and Slavic cultures has influenced it through it history.

Trieste was under the rule of Habsburg Monarchy from 1382 to 1918 and it was the fourth largest city in Austro-Hungarian Empire. In the fin-de-siecle period, it became an important hub for literature and music. After the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Trieste became a part of Italy what led to some decline of its cultural and commercial importance. Although in 1930s city saw an economic revival, after WWII it suffered because of the border changes and, throughout the Cold War, it was a peripheral city of western Europe. Today, the city is in one of the richest regions of Italy.

The area of Trieste is 84 square kilometers. It is built mostly on a hillside that becomes a mountain. The Kras heights, close to the city, reach an altitude of 458 meters above sea level. The territory of Trieste is composed of several different climate zones depending on the distance from the sea and/or elevation.

Population is over 205,000 people with the density 2,445 inhabitants per square kilometer. The population is an ethnic mix of the neighbouring regions. 7.7% of the total city population are foreign born residents. The dominant local dialect of Trieste is called Triestine. This dialect and the official Italian language are spoken in the city, together with a bit of Slovene, Serbian, Croatian, German and Hungarian.

The economy of Trieste depends on the port and on trade with its neighbouring regions. Trieste is a lively and cosmopolitan city, a major centre in the EU for trade, politics, culture, shipbuilding, education, transport and commerce. The city is part of the "Corridor 5", which aims at ensuring a bigger transport connection between countries in Western Europe and Eastern European nations. Trieste is also home to some Italian mega-companies, such as Assicurazioni Generali. Trieste is also Italy's and Mediterranean’s greatest coffee ports, as the city supplies more than 40% of Italy's coffee.

To the most interesting places in Trieste belong Piazza Unita d’Italia (central square of the city), The Miramare Castle, Castle of San Giusto, Trieste Cathedral dedicated to Saint Justus, Serbian Orthodox Church of Saint Spyridon, Basilica of St. Silver, Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Church of San Nicolo dei Greci, Trieste City Hall, the old city stock exchange, places of archeological remains like Arch of Riccardo or Basilica Forense, then the Roman theatre and others. The Kras area around Trieste is known also for its caves; Grotta Gigante is the largest tourist cave in the world.

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