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London is the capital city of the United Kingdom of Great Britain as well as England. It is one of the four major global cities and one of the world’s leading cities on the field of business, finance and culture. It is very influential also in politics, education, entertainment, media, fashion and the arts. London is the seat of the Monarch, the Parliament, the Government and the Supreme Court. The Prime Meridian of the World runs across Greenwich in the east of London.

The area of Greater London is 1,557 square kilometers (609 square miles) large. The City of London, commonly known just as “the City” is just 2.6 square kilometers (1 square mile) large but it has the statues of the city so it is the city within a city. The other similar part is Westminster. And very roughly divided, there is also East End and West End. Administratively London is divided into The City and 32 boroughs.

There are 7.6 million inhabitants living in London. It is the most populous city in the European Union. The population density is 3,172 inhabitants per square kilometer. London is a typical multicultural city with a wide range of people, cultures and religions. It is very hard to meet a born Londoner in the city center. It is also very popular with tourists.

London is also an international transportation hub, with five international airports (Heathrow is the biggest) and a large port (it lies on the Thames River). As far as the transportation within a city is concerned, London is famous for its red double-decker buses.

The major London’s landmarks are Houses of Parliament with the Big Ben Tower, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace or St. Paul’s Cathedral. There are many famous museums located in London; the most famous are probably British Museum, National Gallery or Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. One of the modern attractions is the London Eye. There are several famous parks and green places in London. To the largest and most famous belongs Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Kensington Gardens or Greenwich Park. London is also great place for shopping. Probably the most famous is the Oxford Street and the area around Piccadilly Circus. Well-known is also the Harrods shopping centre. It is said that you can buy here everything, from a needle to an elephant.

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