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India Buildings is a famous Liverpool landmark standing in the heart of business and banking quarter of Liverpool, facing the main thoroughfare of Water Street and Brunswick Street.. It is an office building. For a long time it has been home to city’s foremost institutions and businesses. Originally, it was held by East India Company, very rich and powerful private organization in the British Empire. Since that time as the building has developed, it has progressed to being home to sections of the British Government, and offices to some of the world’s leading business, law firms and institutions.

In 1820s George Holt had an idea to build a building consisting only of offices so the business between merchants and ship owners could be done there. The construction started in 1924 year and it was completed in 1832. Herbert Rowse was the main architect. Its walls were really strong; in case the idea of office building only turned wrong, the building would just change into warehouse. It was just one thirds of the size of present India Buildings. The old India Building was demolished in 1928, due to streets changing plan created by the city.

For the convenience of the tenants of the old India Building it was essential that the new building should be constructed in two separate and independent parts, so that old India Buildings might remain intact until the first part of the new building was completed and ready for occupation. The site finally reached quadrangle shape in 1931.

The building was largely damaged in the bombing of the United Kingdom’s main war port in 1941. The reconstruction of the building started just after war and it was finally completed in 1953.

The whole building has been undergoing an extensive refurbishment program recently and it has been lifted up to a new level of opulence. Much of the old historic features have been restored and the office space modernized. In the arcade there is a wide array of shops to cover much of your needs.
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