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GPS N53.799434°,W1.549244°
Leeds lies in the north of England, in West Yorkshire county, on the River Aire. It is known as one of eight core cities that act as a focus of their respective regions. Leeds was voted Britain's Best City for Business by Omis Research in 2003. It is the fastest growing city in the United Kingdom, as well as the second largest financial centre in England after London.

Leeds has a population around 457,250 in the urban area and 748,000 in the metropolitan district. Moreover, more than 100,000 people come to work here every day.

Leeds was mentioned for the first time as Ledes in 1086 and it received its first charter in 1207. At this time it was an agricultural market town. Later it became a merchant town manufacturing woolen cloths ant its population was growing during the 18th century. Leeds grew even more radically during the Industrial Revolution and in 1893 it had been granted the city status. There are other two firsts connected with Leeds. The first successful commercial steam locomotive railway in the world, transported coal from Middleton colliery into the centre of Leeds and the first permanent set of fully automatic traffic lights was installed here in 1928. At the beginning of 20th century some academic institutions were established in Leeds (University of Leeds, Leeds Metropolitan University and Leeds Trinity & All Saints). Throughout the century the manufacturing works in the city has declined, but there are still some large engineering firms. To main products made here belong turbine blades, components, alloys, valves and pipelines for the oil industry, switchgear, printers' supplies, copper alloys, surgical and hospital equipment, pumps, motors, radiators.

Tourism has started to play an important role in Leeds recently. It has being voted by Conde Nast Traveller magazine Readers' Awards as the "UK's favourite city" and also "Visitor city of the year" by The Good Britain Guide. Over 11 million visitors come to Leeds every year. Leeds is famous for its vibrant night life and cultural scene. It is also Yorkshire and Humberside's prime shopping location. And besides that, it attracts its visitors by fascinating architecture.

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