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Dunfermline is a medium-size town located in the south east of Scotland, close to the Firth of Forth in the Royal borough of Fife. It is a historic capital of Scotland.

The name is derived from Gaelic "Dùn Fearam Linn" that means “the fort in the bend of the stream”. Therefore, etymologically, the history of the town started in the 11th century. This fort was built by Malcolm Canmore and he lived there with his wife Margaret. There are still some ruins of the tower in Pittencrieff Park (the stream mentioned is Lyne Burn that flows through the park). Thanks to Queen Margaret the foundations of Benedictine priory were laid. This was late risen to the rank of abbey by David I. The town was connected also with Robert the Bruce (in the 14th century). His body was buried in Dunfermline Abbey (his heart is buried in Merlose Abbey). The town was officially confirmed by the charter of James VI in 1588. In the 18th century the prosperity of Dunfermline was regained by the manufacture of table linen. Another famous name connected with Dunfermline was Andrew Carnegie (the King of American Steel Industry) who was born here in 1835.

The population of Dunfermline is 45,000. However, the population of the wider area (including continuous towns of Rosyth, Inverkeithing and others) is estimated to 75,000. Industries in the Dunfermline area include engineering, electronics, defense and textiles. Employment in the town has diversified into service sector employment.

Much of Dunfermline's Town Centre is a Conservation Area with many historic buildings. The best-known are Dunfermline Abbey, Abbot House, the gothic style City Chambers, and number of churches. Some public facilities in and around the centre include the Carnegie Theatre, the Carnegie Library, the Carnegie Sports Centre, the Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum. There are lots of retail parks around the town (ASDA, Tesco and others). A part of the town centre is created by beautiful Pittencrieff Park, known as the Glen among the local people.

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