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GPS N43.550872°,E7.010594°
Cannes has about one million inhabitants what makes it a busy place. Most people speak French there, but you can communicate also in English. Cannes is a French city, what by the means involves paying in Euro. Cannes is located in the time zone GMT + 1 hour and is a city of cinema, spangles and starlets, glitter and stars. It is also famous for yachts, high society and much gold. Cannes is a paradise for everyone with enough money and feeling for glamour. The harbor in this city is literarily overfilled with expensive yachts that serve the local stars and tourists. Cannes has today a very busy life with many international conventions and film festivals, but in the past there for many generations the inhabitants experienced a tough, insecure and very dangerous life.

The people of Cannes from yesterday were poor, but they had compensation in an enchanting environment, mild climate and crystal clean sky. The harmony of Cannes was strengthening by its beautiful setting of mountains, gorgeous bay, and two islands enveloping and protecting this city. Cannes has a great importance also through the conventions arranged here every year, nearly so many as in Paris. The Festival Hall host nearly 150 events each year including festivals, international conventions, important markets – the estimated value of economic fallout is nearly 300 000 000 Euros. Cannes is a great destination for every business or holiday tourist, also because it is easily accessible from the Nice Côte d'Azur International Airport or the Airport of Cannes Mandelieu (the second busiest airport in France for private aircrafts). Holiday tourists are attracted by Cannes city mainly because of its famous climate, wonderful views and popular film festival. French and foreign visitors are also attracted by the glamour, fame and star status that define Cannes.

Cannes has a very good infrastructure for tourism with its high-developed hotels, luxury boutiques and business restaurants. Another major activity for which is Cannes famous is the fact that Cannes with its harbor and sea waters is a huge nautical activity centre. A great economical aspect of Cannes is also a high-technology industry led by the Alcatel Space-Division operational satellite centre. Cannes is a city of many faces and a lot of them remain hidden for a long time before you explore them.

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