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GPS N43.580722°,E7.120872°
Antibes is one of the most famous resorts in southeastern France on the Côte d'Azur, located in between Nice (20 km) and Cannes (12 km). The possible meaning of its name is “opposite the point of Nice”, as it lies across the Baie des Anges.

Although Antibes is the proper name of the town it is often referred to as Antibes – Juan-les-Pins. It is a seaside resort and night-life area of sandy beaches, boutiques, night clubs and casino. There are 25 kilometres of coastline. Famous is also the part called Cap d’Antibes, located on the southern peninsula of the town. It is an immense park that is home to a number of millionaires chateau and dream residences and Hotel du Cap, still one of the most exclusive and expensive hotels in the world.

Present day Antibes was in the 5th century BC a Greek fortified town named Antipolis. Later it became a Roman town. The town is full of Roman artifacts (walls, aqueducts, amphora, etc.) visible around the town or in the museums. In the Middle Ages Antibes was ruled by the Lords of Grasse, and later by the Bishops of Antibes. At the end of the 14th century, Antibes was on the Franco-Savoyard frontier, and in 1383, the Pope of Avignon "gave" Antibes to the Grimaldi family of Cagnes. In 1608, King Henri IV took Antibes into his kingdom.

However, Antibes has always been an important port for trading along Mediterranean. Today there are five different ports there: Vauban, Galice, Crouton, Olivette and Salis. Port Vauban is the largest pleasure boat port in Europe. Antibes is also considered to be the world’s capital of luxury yachts. The yacht marinas were built in 1960 on the site of previous Roman harbor.

The old town (vieille ville) is bordered with ramparts along the sea and the long arched protective wall along the port. The previous Chateau, bastion and towers have today been transformed into a magnificent Modern Art Museum, History and Archeology Museum and museum of traditional crafts and local culture. In many narrow streets and pretty squares one can find lots of shops as well as all types of restaurants.

For more than 40 years Antibes has been known also because of legendary jazz festival "Jazz ŕ Juan" that managed to bring many stars to the town (e.g. Becket, Armstrong, Ella…). In the 60s Antibes became known also by creating the first Technology Park in the world – Sophia Antipolis. Today it is the largest park of this kind in Europe that has strategic importance to the area and hosts a variety of world famous companies, many specialized in multimedia.

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