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Minaret ( 480x640 )
Minaret is one of the sights in Lednice-Valtice cultural landscape. It stands approximately two kilometers from Lednice Castle.

According to the legend Alois Jozef I Liechtenstein wanted to build here a church. However, people disagreed with the idea (for no known reason) and argued about its site. So the Liechtenstein got mad and decided to demonstrate them his power and ordered to build here a mosque with minaret. However, the sand base land along the Dyje River did not allow to build the mosque, so we can find here only the minaret. According to the historians the truth is different. As in this area or the castle we can find Chinese palaces, Turkish spa, Roman obelisk, Swiss bridge so why not an Islamic minaret. Liechtenstein family got it built just because they liked it.

The minaret was built by Josef Hardmuth, who was just ordinary mason at the beginning and he made it to the court architect. Moorish architecture was and still is very unique in the area. The construction began in 1797 by digging a big hole that was filled with wooden piles. The centre of the building creates a 59,39 metres tall tower. There are 302 steps leading to its top. Three roofed galleries offer beautiful view over the surrounding. They look like three rings. On the first floor of the minaret there are eight halls. Originally it was where Liechtensteins stored their Oriental objects. The floors are covered by stone mosaic and the walls are decorated by Moorish signs. Nowadays it is possible to climb the stairs to the top although the halls are not available.
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