Inside the Greenhouse of the Lednice Castle

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Inside the Greenhouse of the Lednice Castle ( 640x480 )
Greenhouse of the Lednice Castle stands on the castle’s eastern side. It is the biggest greenhouse in the Czech Republic. It was built in 1843 – 1845. The construction is made of cast-iron, in the middle supported by cast-iron pillars in the shape of bamboo with the decorative leaves on their ends. The construction is covered by glass. Its flakes are of two colours to distinguish which parts were reconstructed and which were not. The greenhouse is 92 metres long, 13 metres wide and 10 metres tall. In between the leaves of bamboo and palm trees there is a bust of the last gardener of the Lichtenstein family. There are also benches in the greenhouse.

In Liechtenstein times the greenhouse was taken care of by professional gardeners. They had traveled through the South America to get the seeds of various tropical and subtropical plants, which would be worthy the Lichtenstein family. The collection is the oldest in Europe with around 250 species. To keep the greenhouse luck, there are gold fish in the aquariums (small lakes). The greenhouse is open whole year except January. As it was designed as decorative greenhouse, it is in bloom all year round and the nature creates an extraordinary exposition. The oldest tree is around 300 to 400 years old and it is marked by a plate as Encephalartos Altensteinii.
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