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Haas building is situated right opposite the most famous Viennese sights – Stephansdom. Its exact address is Graben, Ecke Stephansdom, 1010 Vienna. The first building standing on this place was a department store, a furniture and interior decorating store, by Philipp Haas & Sons, who gave the building their name; and its the facade was designed of heavy stone. In 1951-53 Carl Appel, Max Fellerer and Wörle rebuilt the complex after it had been seriously damaged during the Second World War in 1945. The building was finally pulled down in 1985. The construction of the present Haas Haus building started in 1987 and the place was opened on September 19, 1990.

It is one of the most fascinating pieces of contemporary architecture in Vienna. It was designed by Hans Hollein and it was controversial from its beginning because of its state-of-art structure situated in between historical buildings. The construction of modern glass-and-concrete building met with resistance. But the architect managed to introduce a building that coexists and complements the building around it and that do not ruin the old-world feel of Stephansplatz. In its mostly glass, mirror façade, Stephansdom is reflected, and it can be said that these two buildings carries on dialogue together. The round curve of its facade quotes the ancient Roman citadel Vindobona, whose former layout is traceable throughout Vienna's first district. Medieval houses were built on top of Roman ruins; modern houses were built on top of medieval ruins... Haas House uses this principle to blend into its surrounding despite its contrasting architectural style. Instead of stark rows of stone, the lower floors are asymmetrical, and blocks of marble jut out from the building at odd angles.

The building has 8 floors and the interior of the building was designed with attention to detail. The building is housing a mixture of offices and retails, with a cafe and an expensive (but great) penthouse restaurant. It was also expanded with a winter garden on the roof terrace as well as a hotel according to the plans of its architect.
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