Calculator CASIO fx-991W

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Calculator CASIO fx-991W ( 640x480 )
This Picture shows a calculator from the world known company Casio Computer Co., LTD. with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. The CASIO fx-991W is a scientific calculator, what means that you can calculate much more than only adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Calculator CASIO fx-991W has a 2-tier display with the advantage of showing formulas and results simultaneously.

The calculating process in the device is based on S-V.P.A.M what means Super Visually Perfect Algebraic Method. Among the advanced functions in Calculator CASIO fx-991W there are for example standard deviation (used in statistical research), regression analysis, complex number calculations (that are such as 4i+3), base-n calculations (binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal), integration and many others. Calculator CASIO fx-991W has also a formula memory what allows you to program a formula with many variables and the calculator shows you the value after you submit particular numbers to the variables. It also allows you to change the variables without writing the whole function.

Calculator CASIO fx-991W is a bit different from normal scientific calculators also because it has a function named metric conversion. It allows the user to convert miles into kilometers, yards into meters, libbers into kilograms and many more metric operations (40 types of metric conversions). Calculator CASIO fx-991W has also the ability to store some scientific constants in its memory what makes this calculator a valuable helper by any physics calculation. The number of the scientific constants is also 40. Calculator CASIO fx-991W has 9 memory places where you can store long numbers and use them in another part of the formula and you can operate them simply by pressing only 2 buttons. Calculator CASIO fx-991W uses a sophisticated power source. The calculator runs on batteries, but has also a solar panel what can significantly increase the life duration of the battery. There is also a relatively big defection at Calculator CASIO fx-991W. It can’t be switched off. Calculator CASIO fx-991W has a self shutting off mechanism which operates simply by shutting the device off after a short time of passivity from your side. Calculator CASIO fx-991W is a good choice for any student or teacher.
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