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The building of Nordstrom shopping center in Seattle was build in 1918. This building was constructed by John Graham & Associates. Initially it was only six stories high but later in 1950’s an extension was made and the building has now 10 stories. In 1992 Frederick and Nelson left the building empty until the Nordstrom Inc. bought the building in 1998.

Wallin & Nordstrom

Wallin & Nordstrom shoe shop was first opened in 1901 in Seattle by Carl Wallin and John W. Nordstrom. Carl Wallin and John Nordstrom met in Klondike gold rush in Alaska. In 1923 second shop was opened and the Nordstrom chain started. In 1960’s Nordstrom became the biggest shoe store in the country. John Nordstrom and Carl Wallin retired and left their company to sons of John Nordstrom, Elmer Nordstrom, Everett Nordstrom and Lloyd Nordstrom. Since that time the Nordstrom Inc. became the best store with the best quality and services in the U.S.A..
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