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GPS N47.620556°,W122.349416°
The Space Needle in Seattle is a symbol not only for this city, but for the entire region. Someone call the Space Needle also the Eiffel Tower of the Pacific. The Space Needle has at minimum one thing common with the Eiffel tower. It has been built for a world fair, in particular in 1962. The construction of the Space Needle was compromised on ground of 2 different designs. One design imagined the Space Needle as a balloon positioned by a construction high in the sky; another design mentioned mainly a flying saucer that should watch over Seattle. The gently sloping legs show on the balloon type construction, but the whole deck, where the restaurants and shops are placed, looks like a flying saucer.

Seattle is not an ideal place to build such a construction on ground for its tectonic activity. The constructors and designers of the Space Needle must have count with this factor. They wanted the space Needle to be stronger than Mother Nature in the region, so they stretched the building possibilities of that time. The result is that the Space Needle can withstand a 6.5 earthquakes (1965 earthquake 6.5 - the toilet water was splashing around, but the Tower withstood) and winds of the speed of 200 miles per hour.

The main designer of the Space Needle was Edward E. Carlson. He stationed this tower building on the 219 Fourth Avenue North. The maximum height of the Space Needle is 605 feet (184 meters) and its maximal width is 138 feet (42 meters). The cost of the entire construction was 4,500,000.00 American dollars. The entire weight of the Space Needle is 9,550 tons. From the top deck at the top you can watch beautiful 360 degree panorama. You can see glorious mountains, Seattle neighbors and Elliot bay. At the top construction there is also a gift shop that sells souvenirs from the Space Needle. You can also eat in the restaurant SkyCity where every seat has a view on the landmark. Many special events take place in the Space Needle, for example the New Year's Eve and July Fourth fireworks. The Space Needle is a strong magnet for tourists from everywhere. During the world fair the Space Needle hosts over 20,000 people every day. In the whole duration of the world fair over 2.3 millions people visited the Space Needle. Seattle is proud of this amazing tower and hopes to attract even more tourist with the Space Needle.
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