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Seattle, Washington is a good example of the fact that United States of America are a country of skyscrapers. Key Tower, a skyscraper, is the 4th tallest tower in Seattle, Washington with 64 floors and 2 basement floors. One floor area has a largeness of 92, 0242 square meters.

The City of Seattle officially altered the original name of the building Key Tower, sometimes called "Key Bank Tower", to Seattle Municipal Tower on May 17, 2004. This new appellation reflects the tower's location as the northeast anchor of the Civic Center campus. Seattle Municipal Tower is situated on the east side of Fifth Avenue, between Cherry and Colombia Streets, near the new building of Justice Center and northeast of the New City Hall.

Seattle Municipal Tower is mostly an office tower and serves for general government purposes. That's way the building was sold in January, 1996 for US$ 120 million to house utilities and government functions. The first floor of offices is numbered 16th floor and in the fact is divided from the main lobby floor by only one mechanical level.

The construction of Seattle Municipal Tower began in 1987 and took several years. Seattle Municipal Tower was finally built in Postmodern Style in 1990. Postmodern Style looks to past architecture styles for inspiration. This style tries to use modern technology and historical design to create buildings that will be more approachable to the general public. Steel and glass are the most utilized materials in Postmodern Style. Key Tower building was more focused on historical legacy than color and allure. Some architects think that Postmodernism is dead.

In 2004, the south Fifth Avenue entrance was renovated to make better the access to the tower and also improve the pedestrian traffic between the building and the rest of the City Civic Campus. Seattle Municipal Tower was supplemented with an escalator and an elevator.
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