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Standard Oil Building is one of the New York’s landmarks. It is located on 26 Broadway at Bowling Green. It is one of the finest classical office buildings in the city.

The building was built between 1920 and 1928 in Renaissance Revival style. It replaced the old Standard Oil Building built by Standard Oil Trust Organization standing on the site until 1919. It was originally bThe main entrance of the Standard Oil Building is a high-arched bay with a keystone carrying a shield with letters S and 0. The lobby is lined with pilasters and columns and on its walls names of the founders of the oil company are inscribed, including the names of John D. Rockefeller, the name of his brother William, of Charles Pratt, Jabez Bostwick, William Brewster, Henry M., John D. Archbold, and others. uilt as the headquarters for John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company.
Its architects were Carrere & Hastings, Shreeve, Lamb & Blake. The first company built a nine-storey base; the later one added a massive tower squared to the grid of the uptown streets. The construction has steel frame and limestone clad.

The main body of the building follows the curve of Broadway from Beaver Street. The facade has a base of several stories with a cornice, and then there is a sparsely treated middle portion. A third portion is set off at its base by a deep cornice and at the top, is an attic two-story high with half-joined Ionic columns, a wide entablature and a balustrade. As far as the tower is concerned, it rises above the main body of the building. It is 122 metres (480 feet) high and it is characteristic for its wings having obelisks. The tower itself is crowned with a terraced pyramid rising to a giant tripod.
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