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Metropolitan Museum of Art (or just “the Met”) was established in 1872. It is one of the largest and most important art museums in the world. It is located on 5th Avenue, on the eastern edge of Central Park in Manhattan, New York. The present director is Philippe de Montebello.

On 20 February 1872 the Metropolitan Museum of Art was opened for the first time. Its first president became John Taylor Johnson. It was his person collection that seeded the museum. At first it was housed in the building at 681 Fifth Avenue, then at the Douglas Mansion on West 14th Street and finally at the present location. In 1880 home to Met became a newly built red-brick building on the east side of Central Park. The architects were Calvert Vaux and Jacob Wrey Mould. They designed the building in Gothic Revival style. Since then the Met building has been enlarged several times. In 1926 a distinctive Beaux-Arts façade designed by Richard Morris Hunt was added. In 2006 the museum is 20 times larger than the original building was. It is almost a quarter mile long and occupies more than two million square feet of space.

The permanent collection of the Met contains more than two million works of art from around the world. One can find there range of works from classical antiquity, through all the European masters and holdings of Egyptian, African, Asian, Oceanic, Middle Eastern, Byzantine and Islamic art to a great collection of American Art. To other displays belongs a collection of Musical Instruments, a number of recreations of notable interiors, or a collection of antique weapons and armor. Actually, the permanent collection is divided into nineteen separate departments (American Decorative Arts; American Paintings and Sculpture; Ancient Near Eastern Art; Arms and Armor; Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas; Asian Art; The Costume Institute; Drawings and Prints; Egyptian Art; European Paintings; European Sculpture and Decorative Arts; Greek and Roman Art; Islamic Art; Robert Lehman Collection; The Libraries; Medieval Art; Modern Art; Musical Instruments and Photographs).
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