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Previous IBM Building, now called 590 Madison Avenue and Sony Building (former AT&T Building) are located in Midtown Manhattan in New York City. They stand close to each other and make quite famous trio with the third high-rise building, with Trump Tower.

590 Madison Avenue Building lies between 56th and 57th Streets. The architect of the building was Edward Larrabee Barnes and it was constructed in 1983. The height of the building is 184 metres (603 feet) and it has 43 floors. This powerful tower is fabricated of steel and clad in polished Atlantic green granite. The granite paving on the outside extends also into the lobby of the building. In front of 590 Madison Avenue building entrance is Michael Heizer's sculpture Levitated Mass (1982), an engraved flat stone lying inside an angled pool of stainless steel. There is a glass-enclosed plaza along 56th Street which contains a cafe and a winter garden landscaped with delicate bamboo and other plants. Unfortunately the number of bamboo plants has declined rapidly for last couple of years.

Sony Building (the American headquarters of Sony) stands between 55th and 56th Streets. It was erected a year later than former IBM Building (in 1984) to be the headquarters of the A. T. & T. Building. The architects were Philip Johnson and John Burgee. The style of the building is based on historical allusion but it is built in postmodern architecture. This detail, reminiscent of Art Deco, calls attention to the steel structure which is hidden beneath a veneer of pink marble – the facade has thus stone cladding. The front roof pediment of the building is broken and it culminates with symbolic references, depending on one's orientation. There is a large entrance and pedestrian arcade at the base. The entrance is a grand, glazed arch surmounted by porthole-shaped openings. Originally, there was an open galleria at the back of the site that contained restaurants, retail shops and an outdoor plaza carved out of the base under the shadow of the tower. Today it is an enclosed retail store.
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