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UBS Tower is one of many skyscrapers in Chicago, Illinois. It is located on One North Wacker Drive. It is the first UBS integrated financial services site in the United States.

UBS Tower is 651 feet (199 metres) tall and it has 50 floors. The total floor area is 1,299,990 square feet (120,773 square metres). Offices in UBS Tower are the most expensive in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. There is also a 2-storey underground garage for senior executives, One North Kitchen and Bar, a Conference Center, Fitness Center and Convenience Store.

The construction of the UBS Tower started in 1999 and it was completed in spring 2002. The building was designed by James Goettsch of Lohan Caprile Goettsch architects and developed by the John Buck Co. and Lead Lease Real Estate Investments, Inc. and it was recognized as “Development of the Year” at the 14th Annual Greater Chicago Commercial Real Estate Awards in March 2002.

As far as the interior is concerned, it is equipped with modern infrastructure and common areas. High-tech communications networks have been developed, including a rooftop communications and satellite center.

UBS Tower’s lobby is famous for its glass wall which was the first of that kind in the United States. The 40 foot (over 12 metres) wall was made out of 5'x5' glass panes attached to a system of medallions and cable. Its reflectivity is just 1 per cent (in comparison with 7 per cent reflectivity of regular glass) so it allows more light into the building even when the sky is overcast.
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