The Nine Dragon Wall in Chicago Chinatown

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Chinatown in Chicago is located near the South Side in the Armour Square community area. It is home to number of banks, Chinese restaurants or Chinese medicine stores. It is the hub for Chinese people living in Chicagoland. Chicago’s Chinatown is the third largest Chinatown in the United States. For decades, it has been a unique tourist attraction in Chicago.

The Nine Dragon Wall is one of the characteristic features and landmarks of Chicago Chinatown. It is a shortened replica of famous Chinese Nine Dragon Wall standing in Beihai Park, Beijing. The replica in Chicago Chinatown lies across the street on Cermak.

It was built in 2004 under the sponsorship of the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce. It is made of glazed tiles that were made in China. The purpose to have the Nine Dragon Wall replica was meant as a focus of community pride as well as a tourist attraction.

The wall depicts nine dragons in burgundy, blue and gold. The ancient Chinese valued nine as the most prestigious number and a dragon as the soul of all things, as well as the emblem of the Chinese spirit.
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