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Chase Tower is a skyscraper-like building located in Chicago’s downtown, in the very heart of the business district. South Clark Street, South Dearborn Street and West Madison Street are bordering streets. It is the ninth tallest building in Chicago and the tallest building inside the Chicago 'L' Loop elevated tracks.

Chase Tower is 259 metres (850 ft) high and it has 60 floors. The base of the building is 61 metres (200 ft) wide at the bottom. It is narrowing towards the top, where it has 29 metres (95 ft). The east-west length of the Chase Tower is 91.5 metres (300 ft).

The name of the building changed several times. During construction it was known as the First National Bank of Chicago, then as the First National Plaza and afterwards as Bank One Plaza. It has been called Chase Tower since 24 October, 2005. The renaming was the result of corporate merger.

The construction of the Chase Tower was finished in 1969. The curiosity connected with its construction is that First National Chairman Gaylord Freeman began construction of the building without building permits from Chicago City Hall. Chase Tower replaced six older skyscrapers which had stood on the site previously (one of them was Morrison Hotel – the tallest building ever demolished at the time). The designer architect became C.F. Murphy Associates and Perkins & Will. The granite for the façade was brought from Texas.

South of the building there is a large terraced plaza. It is two levels deep, with several staircases and a large fountain at the bottom. The fountain is formed by nine square tubes of water rising to varying heights. There is a colourful mosaic titled "Four Seasons" on the mid-level terrace of the plaza. It was designed by Marc Chagall.

The 56th floor of the building contains a full-floor private club (The Mid-Day club) that is available for event rental.
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