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Victoria Memorial is a sculpture at the centre of Queen’s Gardens (between the Green Park and St James Park) in front of Buckingham Palace. It is the memorial dedicated to Queen Victoria, the second longest reigning monarch in British history.

The whole sculpture has a nautical theme, it is 82 feet high and it was built in 1911. Nowadays it is a Grade 1 listed ‘building’. The statue of Queen Victoria facing The Mall was designed and built by Sir Thomas Brock. The surround was constructed by the architect Sir Aston Webb, from 2,300 tons of white marble.

The statue of Queen Victoria is a large 4 metre statue of the Queen seated on a throne. This throne and a plinth she sat on forms part of a square pillar or column supporting a bronze winged ‘Victory’ on the top. The two seated figures beside the Victory were donated by New Zealand. On the other three sides of the plinth there are dark patinated bronze statues of the Angel of Justice, the Angel of Truth and the Angel of Charity. Near the base of this column, there are 4 boats representing Britain’s rule over the oceans.

The Victoria Memorial surround is a walled area with steps up to the centre from both the Mall side and Buckingham Palace side. Bronze lions and men with torches guard either side of these stairways. There are also large fountain basins which join the opposing stairways around either side of the fountain. At the midpoint of each wall above the fountain basins are further bronze figures.

Due to its look, it earned the nickname The Wedding Cake. The memorial looks best at night, when there is a contrast between the dark bronze figures, and the brightly lit white marble centre.
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