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Liverpool Town Hall is the official residence of the city’s Lord Mayor. It is one of the oldest historic buildings in Liverpool. It is situated in the Castle Street conservation area of the City.

The Town Hall is the third to have been built on or near the site. The first was built in 1515 by Reverend John Crosse, while the second was built in 1673 by Mayor James Jerome. It was also known as the Exchange because the ground floor had an open colonnade for merchants and market traders to carry out their business. The present Town Hall was designed by John Wood of Bath. The foundation stone was laid in 1749 and it was finished in 1754.

The whole interior of the building was destroyed by a fire in 1795. All the offices, rooms, and passages, on the basement and ground floors, are now arched with brick, as a security against any future fire. After fire, the building was rebuilt and designed for housing judicial and other offices for the city's police and offices for general corporation business. It also became a mansion for the mayor and a suite of public assembly rooms. All the renovation was under James Wyatt supervision. Nowadays, the main rooms are the Main Ballroom, the Small Ballroom, the Dining room, three Reception Rooms, the Hall of Remembrance and the Council Chamber.

The building has two entrances. Both of them consist of range of Corinthian columns that supports a pediment. Columns themselves are supported by a rustic base. Between the capitals in basso-relievo are heads and emblems of commerce. The pediment of the grand front is decorated by a noble piece of sculpture representing Commerce committing her treasures to the race of Neptune. The Town Hall features a 10 feet high statue of the goddess of wisdom – Minerva. It is mounted on the dome on the roof. The gilded statue was designed by Felix Rossi.
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