St George's-Tron Church

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St George's-Tron Church is in Glasgow commonly known as “The Tron”. It is a church of Church of Scotland. It stands in Nelson Mandela Place near Queen Street Station.

The building, which was designed by William Stark, was opened in 1808, originally as St. George's Parish Church. However, the very first church built on the site was Presbyterian church – The Wynd in 1687.

The church is connected with the name of Tom Allan, who was a minister here, a key figure in the Scottish evangelical movement of the mid-20th century.
St George’s-Tron Church is open from10am to 4pm on Mondays to Saturdays and from 10am to 6pm on Thursdays most weeks. Services are 11am and 6.30pm on Sundays and 1.10pm on Wednesdays.

The interior of the church has recently been renovated. It has a nice Christian book shop.
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