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St Paul’s Church is located in the centre of Birmingham, in the Jewellery Quarter. The church is set in a timeless Georgian square with rolling lawns and tree-lined walks. The church is a Grade I listed building.

The beginnings of the church date back to 1774. It was designed by Roger Eykyn of Wolverhampton, with Samuel Wyatt of London as consultant. The church was consecrated in 1779. The east window “Conversion of St Paul” was made by Francis Eginton in 1789 according to the design of Benjamin West and it is considered Eginton’s masterpiece. The church is rectangular, similarly to St Martin in the Fields Church in London. The spire was added in 1823 by Francis Goodwin.

St Paul’s Church was the church for Birmingham’s early manufactures and merchants. Its first vicar was a scholar and a musician William Toy Young. Matthew Boulton and James Watt had their own pews here (at that time, pews were bought and sold as commodities).
The pre-occupation of the church and its clergy in 1830s was with poverty, illiteracy and education. This was the time when the church schools of the parish came into being. Later on the church gradually became a shabby ruin and a typical down-town church, and this situation was sadly confirmed after local bombing during the 1939-45 war. However, the superb with its factories became the working place of many people what saved it.
Between the years 1985 and 1994 there was the extensive restoration taking place. It was done by Parochial Church Council with the assistance of the Birmingham City Council and others benefactors. To the subsequent changes belonged the installation of the Coat of Arms on the West Wall in 1996 represents that of George III in whose reign St Paul's Church was built or the addition of the Millennium Window in 2000 and a peal of ten bells was installed in 2005.

For nearly 60 years the Polish Lutherans have worshipped at St Paul's and from the 1940s onwards the congregation was mainly ex-servicemen and women who had served with British forces in World War II and were exiled.
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