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James Watt statue, in Chamberlain Square, outside Birmingham Central Library was created in1868 by Alexander Munro. The statue was made in Sicilian marble and the pedestal it stands on in Darley stone. The statue is two metres high standing on 4-metre tall pedestal designed by J. H. Chamberlain. Watt is shown in a relaxed pose holding a pair of upturned compasses in his right hand with his left arm leaning on the cylinder of a steam engine.
The suggestion of a public memorial to James Watt was made in 1865 by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. A public subscription fund raised nearly 1,000 pounds. Munro was commissioned to create the statue unanimously (he had already created one Watt statue for Oxford University Museum of Science). Although the statue was due to be completed in summer 1867, it was not ready until September 1868. It was unveiled on 2 October and both the Council and the press received it well. Originally it stood on Ratcliffe Place but in 1973 it was moved to its current location.
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