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The building of Central Hall in the city centre on Corporation Street was formerly used as the Birmingham Chinese Methodist Church. The building is made of red brick and terracotta. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century (in 1904) according to a design by Ewan Harper & James A. Harper. The building is Grade II listed building. It has three floors and a distinctive tower at the northern end of Corporation Street. Its main hall seats 2,000 and it has over thirty other rooms including three school halls. In 1991 the Methodist Church was converted into a nightclub that was closed in 2002. The building has remained empty for several years and there had been numerous rumours around what would become of the place. It was proposed to be turned into an office building or even apartments. The hall was finally re-opened on 14 September 2007 as the 'Que club'. Since this date, there have been extensive repairs going on in an attempt to return the building its former glory.
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