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Centenary Square is located in central Birmingham, on Broad Street and it is one of Birmingham's newest public squares. It is a walkway between the Broad Street and the canal area. The square was named in 1989 in celebration of 100 years of the Birmingham achieving city status. However, the square was fully completed just in 1991.

The area was purchased by the city in 20th century for creation of a grand civic centre. Nevertheless, the World War II put a stop to it and only half of the Baskerville House was finished.

The square is a work of art in itself. The paving, railings and lamps were designed by artist Tess Jaray. There are a number of examples of public art and buildings in the square. Statues include Boulton, Watt and Murdoch, Forward! (a sculpture by Raymond Mason which was unveiled in 1991, and destroyed by arson on 17 April 2003), and Industry and Genius sculpture in front of Baskerville House. Buildings in the square are abovementioned Baskerville House, then Birmingham Repertory Theatre, International Convention Centre and Symphony Hall, Hall of Memory and Hyatt Regency Hotel. There is a fountain Spirit & Enterprise designed by Tom Lomax.

Besides being a popular meeting point, it is a place of many live concerts and New Years Celebrations. The millennium was celebrated here as well (the singer Cliff Richard lit a beacon known as The Flame of Hope, which stands between Baskerville House and The Rep Theatre – problems with funding resulted into regular turn-offs).
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