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Valtice castle was the official residence of Liechtenstein family. It was originally a gothic castle from the 13th century which was later rebuilt into a renaissance and even after that into a baroque one. Present baroque rebuilding was initiated by Carl Eusebius Liechtenstein at the end of the 17th century. Its current look originated in 1643 – 1730 thanks to many famous architects, F. Carrati, G. G. Tencalla, A. and K. Ern, D. Martinelli, A. J. Ospel. Final Works were done by Austrian architect J. B. Fischer from Erlach.

The castle is a three-floor four-winged building with a stabling, a riding-hall, a gallery, a rococo theatre and a carriage hall. The Spanish stabling and the Winter riding-hall are preserved from the originals. Both of them were used to organize different social events. Two corner towers originate from the renaissance rebuilding. Small side wings leading from them together with the main building create a yard. The front façade of the main building is richly decorated. The castle is situated diagonally, the main entrance facing the north-east. The entrance itself is a decorated central gantry with a four-corner tower above. In the courtyard of the Valtice castle there are two sun-dials, one of the on the west and one on the east side.

The park around the castle was established in 1727. At the beginning of the 19th century the garden itself was enlarged and the whole cultural landscape was built between Lednice and Valtice towns. The park has the area of 14.6 hectares and 22 species of deciduous and 63 species of coniferous trees are planted here.

Liechtenstein family owned the castle until 1945 and it became the property of the state afterwards. In 1950 it was opened to the public, in the 1960s a huge reconstruction started. The castle has over 100 rooms. However, the public can enter only 17 of them located on the first floor. These rooms show how the life of a rich family looked at that time. The ceilings are amply decorated with stuccos and beautiful paintings. The rooms accessible to the public are: Marble hall, Emperor’s hall, Dancing hall, Yellow, Red and Green lounges, The lounge of ancestors, Prince Carl’s lounge, Castle chapel, Earl’s office, Mirror room, Gallery and Earl’s bedroom as well.

Valtice castle is opened to the public from March to September. In March and April it is opened only during the weekends, in other months every day except Mondays.
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