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The European Parliament is the Parliamentary body of European Union directly elected by EU citizens every five years. It seats in three European cities. A protocol attached to the Treaty of Amsterdam requires that the European Parliament have monthly sessions in Strasbourg. The European Parliament's secretariat (administration), which employs the majority of its staff, is located in Luxembourg, which itself used to host plenary sessions of the parliament. The third city is Brussels, considered to be the capital of Europe. The two institutions of the European Union's executive, the European Commission and the Council of Ministers have their seats here. And therefore, for practical reasons, preparatory legislative work and committee meetings take place in Brussels. However, the sessions here remains exceptional.

The Parliament building – Paul-Henri Spaak building is located in the part called Quartier Léopold (Leopoldswijk), on the address 60 rue Wiertz (Wiertzstraat).
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