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Tomatoes are a great source of vitamin C if they are fresh. Scientists discovered even more nutritional assets to tomatoes which people eating this vegetable regularly can benefit of. Tomatoes are valuable for carotenoid called lycopene which helps against and prevents cancer and heart diseases. Tomato sauces or ketchups are very popular with many kinds of food, as pizza, spaghetti, various stews, soups and chilies. In case of tomatoes, it seems to be healthier to consume them cooked or processed than in the raw form. It is because tomatoes contain a lot of water which turns during the cooking process into steam and you do not eat it as in raw tomatoes, and thus cooked tomatoes are more concentrated in the amount of lycopene. Other variants of processing tomatoes would avoid the heat, because high temperatures kill most of the vitamins of tomatoes.

Growing tomatoes isn’t very difficult. Nevertheless, you should always remember a few things. Tomatoes are sunny loving plants and the soil should be well-drained and loam. Medium-rich fertility is recommended and the temperature of the environment is ideal between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The soil should be moist, but not waterlogged. The planting process is ideal after the soil has warmed and no frost danger should approach. The very tomatoes should be planted in a scheme where free earth of 18 to 36 inches remains between them. It is known, that heavy feeder is very important for tomatoes growing. There are hundreds varieties of tomatoes, but the tomatoes regularly sold in stores are usually available in categories, which can be named easily. Cherry tomatoes which are often used in salads have red or yellow skin. Plum tomatoes, named also Roma or Italian tomatoes, are egg shaped and small. They are ideal for making sauces and as an ingredient to other foods. Slicing tomatoes are a large group of tomatoes mostly known as the ordinary tomato. They are the classic tomatoes found in stores and in the first ranks in gardener’s competitions. All types of tomatoes have a great accessibility for every citizen of the US on ground of a large and spread cultivation around the most parts of North America. Tomatoes are great sort of vegetable, cheap to buy, easy to prepare and delicious in proper combinations.
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